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Local Guide
How to get to Trinidad
The main entry into the country is via the Piarco International airport. Opened in May 2001, this airport can compete with all international standards and is now the largest airport in the region. ANR Robinson International (formerly Crown Point International) Airport is the entry to Tobago. Trinidad's seaport and cruise ship complex is located in Port of Spain at the Gulf of Paria (walking distance to downtown  Port of Spain). Yachties will arrive mainly in Chaguaramas,  on Trinidad's north western peninsula.
How to get around in Trinidad
Public transportation in Trinidad is based on a bus system, operated by PTSC and many taxis and 'MaxiTaxis' (Mini Van). A license plate for a taxi starts always with the 'H' for hired. A recent introduced 'call a cab' taxi service will provide further services. Search our database for a taxi service. Trinidad's highway system connects the east-west and the north-south corridors (Speed limit 80 Km/h / 50mph). Calculate delays during rush-hours.
Food and Dining in Trinidad
Trinidad & Tobago abounds with diverse culinary delights due to the cosmopolitan nature if its people. Some favourites include roti, doubles, shark and bake, pelau and a host of other mouth watering dishes. But fast food is for many people the way to go.
  Search our online database for a restaurant in your area.
Good to know when in Trinidad & Tobago
Emergency Police 999, Fire/Ambulance 990
Timezone Standard Time is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time - GMT - 4 (no daylight-saving time)
Language English, Creole English
Visa Visa and passport information
Travel Passport and a valid return ticket required at entry
Currency Trinidad & Tobago Dollar 1 TT$ = 100 cents (exchange rate)
Credit Cards Mastercard, VISA and American Express, ATMs available throughout the country
ATM Most credit cards, Cirrus and others are accepted
Money Transfer Moneygram and Western Union
Telephone Country Code 1 868, Outgoing calls: International 01, U.S. & Caribbean 1
Voltage:  110V/60Hz U.S. 2 pin and 3 pin  plugs
220V/60Hz U.S. 3 pin plug mainly for appliances
Tel/Modem: RJ11
Cell Phones Digital GSM cell network (1900/850MHz) from TSTT (bmobile) and Digicel
TV NTSC-M (US Standard), several local TV stations (CMNT, CNC3, Gayelle, IBN, IETV, NCC, Synergy, TV-6), 60+ (US) cable channels, DirecTV (Satellite), IPTV
Radio Many FM stations and a few AM stations around the country
Internet Several Internet Service Providers with mainly ADSL, Cable-Modem, wireless or Fiber access. Dial-up modem still available via TSTT, Pay-per-Call: 619-EASY, TT 75 cents per minute. Username: EASY, no password required. Many wireless hotspots throughout the country.
Measurements Predominately Metric
Crime Reports CrimeStoppers: 800-STOP, 800-TIPS or 800-4011 (local numbers)
Opening Hours Banks are usually open from Monday to Friday. Banks in Malls are open from 10am till around 5pm. Some banks are closing very early in the afternoon.
Shopping Malls are usually open Monday to Saturday until 7pm or even longer.
Port of Spain shops usually close around 5-6pm
Bars are open until ...
Usual office hours are from around 8am until 4pm
Tips for the Visitor
• We speak English in Trinidad & Tobago (even not everybody might understand it ...) (No hablo espaρol)
• Major credit cards like VISA, Mastercard and American Express are widely accepted
• The US Dollar is mostly accepted, the Euro not yet
• Be aware of possible conmen at ABMs (ATMs)
• Do not enter private cars for taxi rides (PH-cars), a taxi license plate always start with the letter 'H'
• Leave your valuables in the hotel or at home
• Tab water is usually drinkable, bottled water is available everywhere
• When at Maracas Beach a 'Bake & Shark' is a must. Try a 'Roti' when in Trinidad, and watch the locals eating 'Doubles' for breakfast (or try it yourself).
• Best travel time is around December until the end of May when the rainy season starts
• Temperatures are pretty much the same during the year (24-33), with cooler evenings in November and hot and dry days in April
• Stay away from drugs! Hefty fines and possible imprisonment is certain
• Tobago is the more laid back holiday destination, while Trinidad is the business and industry hub of the Caribbean
• Work hard, party hard is for many people the motto in Trinidad. This is excellent party ground!
• Trinidad is not the typical Caribbean island, it is much more like South America as it was once part of it 
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